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You work hard to keep your business running smoothly. When you partner with CBH Attorneys & Counselors, we work hard to make sure it stays that way.

Our team of skilled business lawyers are here to help businesses of all sizes build legal strategies and tactics that will keep them ahead of the competition. Our team is committed to helping you reach your business goals through a personal approach that takes your business’ identity into consideration.If you’re in need of a legal partner to help strengthen and build your business, contact us today or call our Grand Rapids, Michigan office at (616) 608-3061 for a free consultation.

How Experienced Corporate Lawyers Can Help Your Business

Our team of experienced business attorneys have worked with businesses of all sizes, so we know how to find the right solution for your unique business needs. Our track record includes building custom solutions for sole proprietors, LLCs, nonprofits, and corporate entities, working with small businesses in Grand Rapids to expand their presence in their communities, as well as supporting corporations as they expand their footprint in West Michigan and beyond.

By hiring an experienced business attorney, you can save time and money while securing your business’ future. Let us take the legal burden off you and your employees, so you can focus on your work.

Worried About Your Business’ Legal Stability?

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Personalized Commercial Litigation Services for Michigan Businesses

No matter what stage your business is in, CBH Attorneys & Counselors is ready to create a personalized solution for you.

Business formation, incorporation, and other foundational aspects of your business


Litigation support for established businesses


Contract disputes


Shareholder legal issues


Tax planning


Debtor and creditor relations




Corporate law


Employment law issues


Landlord/tenant law


Commercial and residential
real estate law


All forms of real estate litigation


When your business needs legal assistance, don’t leave its future to chance. CBH Attorneys & Counselors has the experience to help you plan for a future that fits your vision. Whether an existing limited liability company or a new business trying to get its start, if you or a loved one needs custom business-centered legal assistance, contact our team today or call us at (616)608-3061.

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