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At CBH Attorneys & Counselors, we know that bankruptcy can seem like the end of the world. Our team is here to take the stigma out of bankruptcy and help our clients build a better financial future through proven and personalized strategies and tactics.  

Our team of Grand Rapids bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you through the bankruptcy process using creative and compassionate solutions structured around your needs. If you or a loved one are in need of bankruptcy assistance, contact us today or call us at (616) 608-3061 for a free consultation. 

How an Experienced Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Help Your Claim

Financial stress can stem from a number of different causes that are beyond our client’s control. No matter the cause, our team’s depth of experience allows us to develop sophisticated and personalized strategies to reduce or eliminate financial strain for our commercial and consumer clients.  

Our experienced team has handled thousands of bankruptcy and restructuring cases, ranging from negotiating settlements outside of bankruptcy to eliminating debt through Chapter 7 or reorganizing corporate, farm, or consumer liabilities through Chapter 11, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13. Our team also has extensive experience representing creditors and trustees to maximize recoveries through civil litigation, receivership, and bankruptcy. 

Handling your own bankruptcy case can lead to long, drawn-out negotiations that may leave you with less than you deserve. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help to speed up the claims process while protecting what you value most.  

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Bankruptcy Cases We Handle

Our experienced bankruptcy team has represented clients in all aspects of bankruptcy or restructuring. We have represented debtors, creditors, and trustees in a variety of different creditor/debtor actions. This includes helping clients file for bankruptcy, negotiating settlements to sell or restructure companies, developing innovative plans to efficiently eliminate debt, pursuing claims for creditors and trustees to maximize their recovery by filing lawsuits, requesting receiverships, objecting to plans of reorganization, and objecting to discharge of claims. Some examples of bankruptcy cases we have handled include: 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases 


Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases


Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases


Chapter 13 bankruptcy case


Personal bankruptcy


Corporate bankruptcy


Corporate restructuring




Collecting and securing
debts for creditors


Preventing wage garnishment


Trustee representation


Creditor's rights and receivership


No one should have to go through bankruptcy claim alone. As one of Michigan’s premier bankruptcy law firms, we work hard so you can rest easy. 

We Take Your Debt Relief Seriously

We know you can’t trust just anyone to handle your bankruptcy case. That’s why our experienced team treats every case with the care of a neighbor, because that’s what we are.  

We care for the people of Michigan and work hard to help them escape their financial troubles. Our team is ready to help make the complicated simple while saving you time and money along the way. Don’t wait to take back control. Contact our team today by filling out our simple online contact form, or by calling our Grand Rapids office at (616) 608-3061 to speak to a real bankruptcy attorney who is ready to help. 

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