Fresh Start in Times of Uncertainty

Two years into a global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19, the world remains in a state of uncertainty.  New variants of the virus continue to emerge, causing health and economic crises.  Prices continue to rise, stretching the wallets of consumers and businesses alike.  Further, work shortages caused by COVID-19 and the current economic state have caused many businesses to scramble and struggle to keep up, or worse, close their doors.  Often time, it seems as if there is no answer.

For consumers and businesses alike, however, there may be a solution.  The United States Bankruptcy Code is intended to serve as a “fresh start” for consumers and businesses who are limited by debt.  For consumers, the bankruptcy code can assist them in eliminating significant amount of debt, giving them a clearer future.  For businesses, the bankruptcy code provides for means of reorganization—an opportunity to restructure the organization and eliminate crippling debts or break limiting contracts.

The attorneys at CBH are recognized in the top of their field in assisting consumers and businesses alike in navigating the bankruptcy process.  CBH has helped thousands of consumers eliminate crippling debt and save critical assets, such as their homes, cars, and retirement accounts.  CBH has also assisted several businesses and individuals reorganize under the bankruptcy code, providing a breath of fresh air to the business.  If you, like thousands of others, are in the midst of financial uncertainty, please to not hesitate to contact one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys for a free consultation today.

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