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When you choose CBH Attorneys & Counselors for your bankruptcy needs, you benefit from the legal experience of a large firm while receiving exceptional and personalized service. We approach every case with our proven process to deliver real results.

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Results-Driven Debtor Services

Many individuals and businesses run into unexpected problems that leave them unable to meet their financial liabilities. Many creditors are unable or unwilling to work with consumers even when they are doing everything in their power to pay the creditor. Fortunately, the law provides a number of options to force creditors to work with debtors, both individual and commercial.

Our experienced attorneys have successfully filed thousands of bankruptcies on behalf of our clients, negotiated creditor settlements, discharged millions of dollars in debt for our clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, reorganized businesses in Chapter 11, completed workouts with creditors, and significantly reduced tax liabilities, and filed thousands of bankruptcies.

For our individual clients, we routinely develop strategies to save your house and vehicles through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, protect heirlooms and other valuable assets, and stop creditors from garnishing your paycheck. For our corporate/business clients, we continuously force creditors to the table to negotiate, leverage revisions to contracts to reduce or eliminate liabilities, draft forbearance agreements, explore options related to Chapter 11 and 12 of the bankruptcy code, and work with industry experts to restructure your finances.


Reliable Creditor Services

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, creditors need effective counsel to protect their rights and create unique strategies to maximize their return. Just because an individual or business files for protection under the bankruptcy code doesn't mean that you forfeit your rights. You can trust the expert team at CBH Attorneys & Counselors to examine the case, provide you with options, and inform you of your rights to maximize your return.

We routinely represent creditors in adversary proceedings and contested matters when: objecting to a debtor’s discharge; objecting to confirmation of a debtor’s plan of reorganization under Chapter 11 or Chapter 13; enforcing security agreements; filing proofs of claim; and seeking to lift the automatic stay, among other actions.

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