CBH Obtains $325,000.00 for Dog Bite Client

October 7, 2020

Attorney Justin Maxim received court approval last week on a $325,000.00 dog bite settlement he obtained for his client. Maxim’s client in this matter was a minor child who suffered severe injures after he was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. The dog was a husky/ lab mix. The primary injury suffered was a large laceration to the plaintiff’s forearm that required 17 stiches to close. Due to his age, doctors did not want to proceed forward with plastic surgery, but opined it was an option for the future to possibly remediate the large disfigurement to his forearm. The plaintiff was also treated for related acute distress disorder, PTSD, post traumatic nightmares, insomnia, and anxiety. After structuring the settlement proceeds, the client’s guaranteed recovery will exceed $426,000.00, with a projected lifetime recovery of over $575,000.00.

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